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Why I want to be a photographer

Kodak HandleI remember my first camera. It was by Kodak and it was called the “Handle.” I took pictures that Christmas, and for the whole year, of everything and everyone. But the film got to be expensive. It was an instant camera.  I loved taking pictures though. Then later on I got a Polariod, and then a Kodak that used film. By the time I was in high school I was using my dad’s Yashica (yes, the one I have the picture of on the Header of this blog).

Camera’s have changed and improved over the years, and I am no where near a virtuoso of camera’s. I don’t really have a favorite brand, but eventually I am sure I will. As I type this my dad’s camera is sitting on my desk–I keep it there for inspiration and in case I want to take a picture of something and I don’t want to use my Canon PowerShot SX150IS. In the next 6 months or so I’ll be getting and SLR and I’m excited about it, but I’m not ready yet to decide which one I want. I’ve already received numerous suggestions though.

Taking pictures is something I love to do. As much as I love to read and/or write. To me it’s all part of the creative energy that resides within me. It’s part of me, part of who I am. When I’m behind the camera I see the world and I want to show it to others…I don’t really enjoy being in front of the camera though.

Yesterday my daughter asked me what kind of photography I wanted to specialize in. She said, I know you’ll take pictures of weddings, newborns, landscape…But what do you really want to do? I enjoy taking candid pictures more than posed pictures. I’d like to eventually take pictures of events and maybe freelance for the local newspaper. Take pictures of bands that perform, events like the Iris Festival, Sumter at Six, etc. I’d also like to take pictures at weddings, but that’s because I love weddings. I’d also like to take landscape pictures, as well as random candid pictures of people.

Behind the lens of a camera I am able to see the world from a different perspective and I love it. I see the smaller details, the little things that we sometimes tend to take for granted. And I want to share those little things with others, as well as preserve them for myself.

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