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A lot of people keep telling me that I need to get such and such camera. Well the truth is, the picture is only as good as the photographer, not the actual camera. Here’s another person who agrees. Sure, having a better camera makes it possible to get a variety of pictures that you might not have been able to get with your phone or with your point and shoot, but if you learn how to take good pictures then the camera just becomes a better tool and it’s not the camera that is taking the pictures but the photographer.

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I like to take pictures using my phone. Each photo I take represents a precise moment in my life — a memory, a place, an object — something that captures my imagination or inspires me in some way. While some people fuss about buying the latest cameras and the latest lenses to make the best possible photographs, I’m not one to lug a large camera around. My iPhone is always in my pocket, ready to capture these randommoments during my day and my travels, for I’ve found it’s true that the best camera in the world is the one that I have with me.

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