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Snow in SC

Snow in SC, Feb 2013

Snow in SC, Feb 2013

IMG_0886IMG_0888 IMG_0887IMG_0889 IMG_0890 IMG_0891 IMG_0893 IMG_0894 IMG_0895 IMG_0896

It’s not often that it snows where I live in SC. But over the weekend we went to a friends house so he could repair my mom’s computer and it began snowing while we were on our way there (it’s about 45 minutes away from where we live). I took pictures, of course.

Then while we were there, late in the afternoon it began snowing again, and within an hour or so at least 4-6 inches of snow had accumulated. They lost power. We ended up snowed in. My car sits really low to the ground so driving it in that mess wouldn’t have been a good idea. So we hung out with our friends, enjoying the fire in the fireplace, and once the power came back on we watched the movie “the Avengers.”

The next morning the snow was still everywhere and I managed to get some decent pictures. Hope you enjoy.


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Photo Challenge: Kiss

KissThere are a lot of ways to capture a kiss, between two people – lovers, family, friends; two animals, or even just the sending or receiving of a kiss. 

In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means KISS to you 

This is way back in the beginning.


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Photos from a friends band

FU at the Break 001 My husband and I went to his friend’s first gig with his new band. His friend is the bass player. We had a great time, and my husband got up there, after quite a bit of urging from the band, and sang two songs with them.  Our friend’s wife asked if I would take pictures because they need to change the picture for their FB cover page. I said sure. So here are some of them:FU at the Break 002 Our table right in front of the band…the bass player is from Mr. Rockstar’s previous band 😀FU at the Break 003 FU at the Break 005 FU at the Break 006 FU at the Break 025 PLaying bassFU at the Break 026 FU at the Break 029 Playing bassFU at the Break 031 FU at the Break 032 Mr Rockstar and his friendFU at the Break 033Me and Mr. Rockstar

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